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Door Difficulties

  • If your car is trapped in your garage and you need emergency service. Give us a call now at 971-275-7165. When giving us a call in general – the more detail you provide, the better we can identify the issue and send our technician out with the right equipment to help serve you best.


  • If your hardware is visibly damaged (broken springs, off of rollers, disconnected from opener) please avoid trying to fix it yourself. It’s always better to let us handle those issues.


  • If you’re having issues opening and closing the door, the problem might be your sensors (photo eyes). They determine whether anything is blocking the door and whether it can be allowed to be closed. If these are off, your garage door may have trouble opening or closing fully. It might also make opening/closing inconsistent.

    • Photo eyes are located at the bottom of your door on the tracks.

    • Ensure that both are in line, facing one another.


Excessive Noise

Excessive noise is often caused by the friction of hardware rubbing together. Lubrication can often be a quick-fix and just a general best-practice when maintaining your door and its parts. We recommend using a non-silicone based lubricant or spray. The container should say whether it is a silicone or non-silicone based lube.

If noise continues or comes from your opener, it may be that a part is lose and rattling. Also, older openers tend to be louder. We have a variety of openers that are designed to be as quiet and least-intrusive as possible. 


Remotes and Keypads

  • If your door is not responding to your remote, the batteries may need to be changed. Otherwise, the remote may need to be reprogrammed. There are a variety of YouTube videos and online references on the subject – Liftmaster has thorough documentation on remedying non-responsive remotes.


  • Just like remotes, if your keypad is not working, it may need to be reprogrammed. There are a variety of online references for this. You can also give us a call; providing us with the model is beneficial. 


  • Lost remote?  A technician can help you over the phone and advise you on where to buy a new one online or if absolutely needed we will send someone over for a small fee to reprogram one for you. Every opener we sell comes with a single remote, and at the time of installation of an opener, additional remotes are offered at a reduced price.


Manual Override

If your garage door is not opening via your wall pad or remotes, and you need access your garage or need to free your car, you can perform a manual override. Pull on the red, emergency chord and lift the garage door manually. The door should be easy to lift. If it is not easy to lift, it is incredibly likely that a spring is broken. If this is the case, give us a call! We can have someone over to you immediately to fix it!


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